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My first day of school...

Learning & growing…! I  remember my first year of teaching and the excitement of it all.  I went to every garage sale with my best friend and found “treasures” to build my classroom.  Our school was brand new, so I had a brand new slate- dark blue carpet, beautiful chalk board, corner room overlooking lots of green grass and a white gazebo.  I would sit for hours in my room daydreaming what it would be like to have my very own first group of students. 

My mom had sewn gingham curtains to match the gingham curtains on a homemade puppet theatre my Dad built for me.  I painted all the garage sale treasures and labeled everything.  Everything was so organized, right down to plants on every table. It was beautiful.

The very first day came~  and one of my students (Melanie) walked into my room and said, “I love your house.”  She thought I lived there…well I kind of did!  As I ventured on this new journey…I knew my job was not only to stay on the cutting edge and have the “Smartest” strategies- it was to create a place where my students felt safe.  A place where they would thrive, grow, soak up not only knowledge…but a love of life, music, dreaming & learning.  I was given a “new family” every year…~  little Tyrone-who  loved taking off his clothes and washing them in the “life skills wash machine area”; Emily the little girl who would sing to me everything; Justin- afraid of being…but coming out of his shell; Jose and the big smile he would get when he “finally” got it!;  Kahlani- her adorable laugh and love for life..oh the list goes on…and oh my heart is filled as I think of each of one who touched and changed my life.

Even though I had no idea “why I was doing what I was doing”-  I knew this was a gift the Lord had given me… to teach, to share, to make a difference.

As I approach my 24th year… I am grateful for what this profession has given me~  how it has molded me, made me bolder, gave me hope, and opened my eyes to see beauty in even the most difficult student.  

I teach, I make a difference… I hope you see that too as you embark on this continuous journey…


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